exam-M09-2 - astronaut at a velocity of ( 1.35 3.64 ) m/s....

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PHY 2048 Midterm Exam Spring 2009 Use g = 9.80 m/s G = kg m 1. [10 points] The angular position of a 3.7 kg disk is given by = ( 6t 3 – 8t 2 + 5 ) rad, where t is in s. What is its angular velocity at t = 2.14 s? 2. [10 points] A 3.75 kg mass is hung on a spring. If the spring is stretched 12.3 cm when the system reaches equilibrium, what is the spring constant of this spring? 3. [25 points] An 11.8 kg box is pushed by an 86.1 N force (acting at θ = 17.4°below horizontal) as shown. The coefficient of friction between the box and the surface is μ = 0.297. (A) Draw a free-body diagram for the box showing all forces in terms of their x and y components: (B) Calculate the acceleration of the box. (C) How much work is done by gravity if it was pushed 3.3 m to the right by F?
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4. [15 points] A 63 kg astronaut drifting with a velocity of ( 3.64 – 7.44 ) m/s is holding a 17.6 kg module for the space station. She throws the module to another
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Unformatted text preview: astronaut at a velocity of ( 1.35 3.64 ) m/s. Find the (vector) velocity of the first astronaut after she threw the module. 5. [10 points] Calculate the velocity required for a satellite of mass 675 kg to be in a circular orbit that is 3473 km above the surface of the earth. (The other data you need are on the front page of the exam.) 6. [20 points] Given that = ( 51.4 + 32.2 ) N and = ( 24.1 + 13.4 ) N act on a 5.67 kg mass that is initially moving at = ( 9.87 7.44 ) m/s, (A) calculate the acceleration of the mass (B) calculate the time when the x component of its velocity is zero. 7. [15 points] A wind-up toy car with a mass of 1.39 kg is released from the top of a ramp that is 0.876 m high. It rolls down the ramp and across a carpeted floor, stopping after traveling 2.68 m. If there is a 9.89 N force of friction from the carpet, how much work was done by the windup motor in the car?...
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exam-M09-2 - astronaut at a velocity of ( 1.35 3.64 ) m/s....

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