20_20110223wed_stats_86728_p11 - [3 We discussed Husbaramj...

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Unformatted text preview: _ [3 We discussed Husbaramj scaflerPlo’r Aflenofi vs Gmcflesw)‘ ST Scaflaplul HWAvg V‘s Grades 72 «a fir gnafler dass — There scams 1‘0 be no assocfahbn m fiese vartafiles. IL Ham €34: . 139:“ Corre‘milén elm Wt M?! l " @ausah‘cw.” FY \\ Associaftéh cites no+ Map“; Ca uszfltw . " \fim may have LQKKIMS VAKIABLE’W '/ \ Cémwum Cams: If”? (gauges ,f/f/x-r/ r, Cwla (earl “EDQQIEETELB -5 (P. (4!) (I/([f((’ when fl Exph Var'tab. are BOTH associh‘ied w/ 1 RCSP-Vaf‘éb- AM) are mac ,_ um tum. is said to be W/flékflflfif [E SW 34.1: __ “Shame! We Experlménf 0:2 Shovld We Mere“; Observe .9” (P. (56) E9 Two T‘fPe“; a? 5TOD‘f, [D Obgewalnoinak S-WGN‘ (CA4: GATHERING DATA Euperfmen'b‘ Shufi. E} 122301 ALL g4" ‘9: CW2» ‘5?» class Fri. wifh QUESTroNS. V 201% - 8 m 1,9,0. Neé.oz.23. i: Lurking Vanéble --- A LURKNB VARIAIBLE (s a. tractable? usual‘ltg unobserVed, tin-l: Mfluences the associhftbn befween the armbles of PRIMAE?’ IMTEREST. (Pas?) 2: Read Example 16 carefully. This is an example, that illus-l-ra’tes Ha: may fixed: a luv-lama varnabte can lead {'50 Simpson’s Pa.er ox. ‘ P“ “Jam” (FL. uI ban a»? Inferesi- (T e{ pa, “khan J usuall _1 meQ to “measure” 23¢. wag” )P 00551916 elf, (r456). I ,. @ If 3: Response. \larim’ate j Eip‘mdb‘j Variable (p.154) --‘ wt alre J3 . 4: Experimni éTreaMeni —- A researcher Condud-s (dd-tam Jerk!) an EXPERIMENT by (IL) A55" eu'n Subjecfs C Suin-ak = members :9 {he SAM LE to g‘Cezlgtzu‘m experm‘ten'fal candiwh’ous ” C catfed ) “TKEATMmrs’Q and the» ‘ (b) Observing “Mi-comes on the response Variable. ” (F. (as) 5: abseruah'onaK S+uég —— In an oBSEKYATtoNAL sruvv, the researcher absewes Values (and {ates mks -- records) the respéusc Vartktble if emplqndory Vartdble SubJéd wh‘haui' doling anythmg 4o fine subJéd'. (F15 )- an “ardered pair” a? duh.) fur each sampftcl G1 Anecdohl Emblem -- Infirwml ObservahE-hs 0.5mle based; Upon a. small ( 11:52, Myles); non-random (incised) sampie. (P. we). ‘4“. Sample Serve «-— A SAMPLE SU s m {e a subject; {1 m a. Popu [GA-Ion aflfifiggfid‘fémfwfm a“: Sample . (hBSGMPk! Site) . (am 1.66). ...
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This note was uploaded on 12/30/2011 for the course STA 2023 taught by Professor Jones during the Spring '11 term at Tallahassee Community College.

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20_20110223wed_stats_86728_p11 - [3 We discussed Husbaramj...

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