39_20110415fri_stats_86728_p11 - [3:3 Qeémw for'lést Mom...

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Unformatted text preview: [3:3 Qeémw for'lést Mom See Page h: 6L. Questh M AND 51342023- 88-?28 (25/38) “gags: -- SW—ZB Fri: 0 [+5 I 863'!" CH9: Staizéh' I1nfereme: a, out > gar : WM Art'D-t Ska [A] Defl‘s: l ngsfkest‘s -—- im 5% cm hypofhesr's L's a, shfememf abaaf a Papufafian ) usually of the form ($41" 6» pan-mew (sad: as 5:121.) fiakes a. 62.) parfizular Value or (as) fafls I?! a cerfiam raij of Values. Qigqifiwmce Tafs rPe Example: HYPWHESIS : H5153 a persons; horascopej zfie ,mrfiaéififg ,fo {hat cm afirofoger can corned/y ka which cf 3 pewanafi'z‘y Chunk offlfcsfi that person 9.102115 V3. 72.44%). 451% lagers pretfiéfia'ws corresflua’ {0 random anessms - S! m' r'cauce 76755 {VII-91‘” SW'5 5" A Sf‘jmf‘h‘yme if” ‘3 '1 We pd foraging do, & gamman'ze the evidence about an hyPGfl'E-SI'S- For insfwice if a. “5:311 mpm‘i‘ofiy 65 Hi9 “Shim”, Predicfr‘ons 4.1? “"3" "5‘33 51““ “4‘3” mvwe' t siron ew'dence '5“ Winffifiis 4* 49"? {in war of an alfemetffle flyggfiggé mfmsentmg 15h: «Shh/fiery chain that ,P>-.%.l Nu“ H ‘Hles‘.’ (Ha) " 7116 nufl hypofiesis is a shf‘emeu't "66¢ flu ramme'fer takes a. Fam‘cafar Value . He He. Hg}:on is —~ The. Htr afi’ ‘ ’ hat? {a A ma I .5143;- 6: Fgrflgz‘gr fans magma: afgmhggihegigf‘: at? 5w??- ‘E 11“- leue- 9? Ho usmliy Ferment-s “14° effecf.” value in Ha. Hlen mficflh 0M Eff“? of Some. 'fype. E] 51% nffr'cance Tesf: Esfcgs: [El Assuwg’rt'ou _- randomimhbn, sample size, Shape o? clam d.3+r:'bu+ion- E H¥EOH1£5€5_” Ski-{t Ho and Ha“ r 0mm (3, Si nifz'cquceTesi ? (p.403), - @J 1 £25.,” .. Tefl S'I'A‘Hs‘ht‘H Measures the gs "m e a? a 4mm usuath b the. number :3? btheen :90 FE] w: szesuME H6 .3 77305, The mane ('5 {he pmbabzm‘g am fie TESt‘ STATISTICS takes the observed Value ora value. More exfreme. d b 19 een a. oin+ efer QWJ‘ 'amnuuehwpofhesisp Ho, findard err i (59) Smaller P“Vd{u¢5 repreSeuf STRONGEX EVIDENCE AGAINST H,3 . E] (figfié Im‘ergrei' {he P— mm (b it“: coma? the Si-ualg. 345 d 0 6n the Pdwlug) Make a, dedfil'bh Q. 00f Ho) jF 6‘46 ('9 needed. $amPlfnq Dwiribuh'on o? Tefi 5&4“?ch 4n (g‘h: F, 4+9) ...
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This note was uploaded on 12/30/2011 for the course STA 2023 taught by Professor Jones during the Spring '11 term at Tallahassee Community College.

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39_20110415fri_stats_86728_p11 - [3:3 Qeémw for'lést Mom...

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