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painless confidence intervals for population proportions.docx / 4.10.2011 / page 1 of 3. PAINLESS CONFIDENCE INTERVALS for POPULATION PROPORTIONS d. jones // 20110410sun In class, we talked about the almost-longhand method (that is using your graphing calculator somewhat) of determining a 95% CI (Confidence Interval) for a population proportion, p . In this paper, we shall review that procedure with an example, then we ll show you a short-cut method , which I believe you will just love. So here is our (fictitious) example: According to the JSS ( J ones S ocial S urvey), when 877 randomly selected TCC Sophomores were asked, Do you really love math, or do you just say that to suck-up to your professor? 47 indicated that they really love math, and the remainder indicated that they were just sucking- up to their professor. (a) Find the 95% CI for the proportion of all TCC Sophomores who really love math, and (b) interpret this result, and can you legitimately conclude that less than 10% of TCC Sophomores really love math?
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