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PseudoRandomNumbers - random numbers that you want I really...

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PseudoRandomNumbers.doc / page 1 of 2. PseudoRandomNumbers Doug Jones / Sun.02.27.11 So you want to generate a sequence of Pseudo Random Numbers on your TI-83/84! For Example: Let s say that you ve got 50 people in your neighborhood, and you want to draw a simple random sample of eight of your neighbors, n=8, to survey about their perception of living conditions in the neighborhood. Your target population (population-of-interest) is the 50 people in the neighborhood. You make a list of the 50 people and number each person in the list 1 through 50. This list, numbered 1 through 50, is your Sampling Frame. 1. We ll start with the calculator s home screen, cleared. 2. Press the [ MATH ] key (on the left, just under the [ ALPHA ] key. 3. Press the left arrow key [ < ] once, (or the right arrow key [ > ] twice) to get to the PROBABILITY menu [ PRB ]. 4. Press the random integer key [ 5:randInt( ]. 5. Now enter the parameters the lowest number, the highest number, and the number of
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Unformatted text preview: random numbers that you want. I really wanted only 8 numbers, but I entered 12 because the random number generator might produce some duplicates – after all, it ’ s random – and I ’ m looking for 8 distinct random numbers. 6. Then I press [ ENTER ], and the calculator produces the list. PseudoRandomNumbers.doc / page 2 of 2. 7. Now I can scroll through this list and look at all 12 numbers, but that is sometimes inconvenient. 8. In the alternative, if I know that, say, list L3 is clear, then I can save this list to L3 as follows. First I press the “ store ” key, [ STO ], located just above the [ ON ] key. 9. Then I press the “ L3 ” key, [ 2nd ] [ 3 ]. 10. Then I press [ ENTER ]. 11. When I go to [ STAT ] [1:Edit ], I have a much more “ readable ” listing of the random numbers. So the 8 people selected for the survey are persons numbered 50, 11, 40, 48, 12, 19, 1, 47. I hope that this helps. dj ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````...
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PseudoRandomNumbers - random numbers that you want I really...

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