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Unformatted text preview: Name: Lindsey Faucher Section: A GENRE: Picture storybook Title of book (underlined or italicized): Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep! Author: Maureen Wright Illustrator (if listed on title page of book): Will Hillenbrand Copyright date: 2009 Score (see Rubric for details): Appropriate book selected? __yes ___no, may resubmit within one week Summary /2 Writing /1 Discussion of Illustrations /4 Examples /2 Surface aspects /1 TOTAL /10 It is getting dark outside and Big Bear needs to get some sleep. Old Man Winter tries to whisper in Big Bears ear that he should go to sleep, but Big Bear cannot hear very well and continues to misinterpret what he says. Instead of going to sleep he drives a jeep, goes into a house to sweep, plays leapfrog, dives deep into a pond, and even climbs up a steep mountain! While doing all of these different activities, Big Bear finds himself becoming very tired and is constantly yawning. Eventually, Old Man Winter screams loudly in Big Bears ear that he needs to go to sleep, and Big Bear goes into his den for a long slumber. The illustrator was being very purposeful when creating the pictures featured in the book, especially when dealing with the colors of all of the nature featured. I noticed that on every page, the sky is a different shade of blue, purple, or grey, growing darker on every page, which...
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faucherlindsey-picturestorybookresponse - Name: Lindsey...

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