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Name: Lindsey Faucher Section: A GENRE: realistic fiction Title of book (underlined or italicized): Diary of a Wimpy Kid Author: Jeff Kinney Illustrator (if listed on title page of book): not listed Publisher: Amulet Books Copyright date: 2007 Score (see Rubric for details): Appropriate book selected? __yes ___no, may resubmit within one week Critique /2 Examples /1 Writing /1 Surface aspects /1 TOTAL /5 Text that resembles a child’s handwriting accompanied by cartoons on every page tells the story of a boy’s trials and tribulations of his everyday life at middle school. The story is told from the viewpoint of a young boy named Greg Heffley and is set in present day, in middle school, a place that is familiar to many. The language used in the story is that of child, with the grammar and usage of verbs not always written out in the correct way. The characters in the story are everyday people who experience things typical of a middle school child. For example, the characters in the story are all people who we have met
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