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“In Trouble” A boy in my classroom (third grade at Bevis Elementary) named Edwin is the only student that truly acts out in front of the teacher. He has a behavior problem and the teacher has been working on trying to help him improve his performance n the classroom. Teacher’s point of view: Edwin has major issues in the classroom. He is constantly stirring up trouble throughout the day, and sometimes I just can’t seem to handle it. I usually become grouchy during class because I get so fed up with his antics. I used to use a checks system for him (along with the rest of the class), but he would go through his allotted three checks much too quickly. Now the rest of the class continues to use the checks system while Edwin has his own system. After he gets what I think is enough warnings or checks, I take a clothespin off of my lanyard that I wear around my neck. There are three clothespins that I place on my lanyard, and once he goes through all three I send him to another classroom
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