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Name: Lindsey Faucher Section: A Raising Writers – Study Guide CHAPTER 6 “Language to Language: Special Considerations for Working with Multilingual Writers” Big Lessons from Small Writers 1. What is the “creative construction principle?” Explain what you think this means, in addition to rephrasing the definition. What would be an example of the creative construction principle? The creative construction principle is what allows English Language Learner’s writing to emerge. It means that children need to be given the opportunity to see how writing works in different situations. An example of this would be if an ELL student came in only writing his or her own language and only speaking a few phrases of the English language. Eventually, once he or she spends more time around people who speak English and tries out new things with the language, they will start to add bits of English to their drawings and writings. By giving the student time, their literacy will be able to grow. 2.
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faucherlindsey-StudyGuide_Shagoury_Ch6 - Name Lindsey...

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