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Name : Lindsey Faucher Section : A GENRE : Folk Literature Title of book (underlined or italicized) : Jack and the Beanstalk Author : E. Nesbit Illustrator (if listed on title page of book) : Matt Tavares Publisher : Candlewick Press Copyright date : 2006 Score (see Rubric for details): Appropriate book selected? __yes ___no, may resubmit within one week Critique /2 Examples /1 Writing /1 Surface aspects /1 TOTAL /5 This retold story, containing somewhat extensive text accompanied by full-page illustrations, tells the tale of Jack and how the magic beans he was sold helped save his family. The author’s description of the characters is direct and allows the reader to see the motivation of each person in the story. For example, the main character, Jack, is driven by his need for money to support his mother. His image of a fresh-faced and innocent young boy conveys a sense of goodness to the reader in comparison to the giant who is intimidating and cruel. The setting in this book is not unusual to folk tales in that it allows the reader to be taken into another type of world. For
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