KNH 281 NOTES 9 - KNH281NOTES9/15/09...

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KNH 281 NOTES         9/15/09 16:18 Cognition, learning and practice Understanding cognition, and learning, practice Monitoring Facilitating learning Organizing practice Children becoming responsible for learning Teaching and learning in PE Physical education involves learning of concepts, facts, and motor skills 3 major domains of learning: psychomotor: manual or physical skills cognitive: knowledge affective: attitude Stages of learning in motor performances Stage 1: getting the idea Stage 2: stable performing and detecting errors Stage 3: moving consistently and becoming automatic Learning in motor performances Permanent Retention and transfer
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Practice Feedback Motor programs Characteristics Order Overall timing Relative timing Relative force Developing motor programs through practice Helping children learn Provide correct information and tell children the importance of practice Helping knowledge become automatic and skills consistent
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KNH 281 NOTES 9 - KNH281NOTES9/15/09...

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