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KNH EC - made me really upset I cannot believe that adults...

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Lindsey Faucher KNH 232 Extra Credit Jamie Oliver’s show “Food Revolution” is a remarkable show about a top British chef trying to change (and save) the lives of the 50,000 people who populate the town of Huntington, West Virgina. This city has just been named the unhealthiest town in America, and Jamie’s goal is to help these people change the way they live by starting a “food revolution”. He wants to change the way people eat fast food, they way they eat in their homes, and how children eat at school. The children are expected to live a shorter life than their parents, so Jamie wants to start with them at the schools to help the future of our country start healthy so they can stay healthy. After watching this program, I was extremely shocked. I cannot believe how ignorant some people can be and how some adults can be so resistant to change. When I saw how the cooks of the school reacted to his thoughts on the food that they were serving the children, it
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Unformatted text preview: made me really upset. I cannot believe that adults would think it is okay to serve food such as pizza for breakfast and not think that it would have negative effects. Also, it is amazing to see what little changes can be made in order to change the future of our country’s children. Replacing foods with healthier alternatives that still taste good and have much more nutritional value can change lives and literally save a lot of people: people who cannot see that and do not believe that it is the right thing to do truly baffles me. I think what Jamie is doing is such a wonderful thing and is truly selfless on his part. To leave his family just so he could help a town in West Virginia is a really amazing thing and shows how much he cares about the health of America as a whole. Just by “stirring things up” and causing a bit of change, he really has the ability to start this new wave throughout more and more towns, cities, and eventually the entire country....
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KNH EC - made me really upset I cannot believe that adults...

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