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KNH245RESPONSE - person We are the deciders of our future...

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Lindsey Faucher KNH 245 Sec. C January 24, 2011 Chapter One Response The passage I connected with most while reading would have to be the one entitled “Foster a Culture of Wellness and Personal Well-Being”. The passage discussed how important it is for a person to understand their role in the world, which is not only how they act with others but also how they act with themselves. Personal well-being is key to having a fulfilling life, and sometimes it can be easy for a person to forget to stay in touch with themselves because of their multiple social and cultural roles in the world. I really related to this section in the chapter because I too believe that it is of the utmost importance to have time to one’s self and to make sure that a person makes sure they have the proper time and space to reflect and grow as a
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Unformatted text preview: person. We are the deciders of our future and what is to come in our lives, and I think it is so easy sometimes to get swept up by the ideas and dreams of others, which may conflict with ours and may cause us to change what we truly wanted in the first place. While reading about the different types of conflict management styles, I found that the style of cooperative problem solving. Cooperative problem solving involves people working together to combat issues that may arise. I think that this style is most favored because it allows everyone to get what they want. It also helps people build stronger relationships with others, rather than creating drama and hindering those relationships....
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