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Lindsey Faucher Final Take-Home Essay GTY 154 December 16, 2008 Nursing Homes Issues: Knitting the Way to a Solution As the people in our world grow older and weaker and start to need a little help that their family cannot necessarily provide in their later years of life, they turn to one thing: nursing homes. An extremely important establishment that aids in the caring of the elders in our society is that of the nursing home. Throughout the years, the quality of nursing home care has not always been at its finest, and many issues have been brought up because of it. One issue is that there are so many demands for caring for the constantly ill, that sometimes not all of them can be met. Family also plays a role in the nursing home institution, but there are always problems that arise from this as well involving money, care, and deciding between what the family wants and what the resident wants as well. There are also issues that come up with the staff in nursing homes, dealing both with money and with rules and regulations of the homes. Medicaid and other social policies have also caused some financial troubles for those in nursing homes, and not too many think that these systems are fair or provide an adequate amount of help. The quality of nursing homes must be improved so that the aging can spend their final years or even months or days in the way that they would like to. If only every single nursing home could be designed in a way that a aged person would want it designed, while still providing care, comfort, and assistance for those in need. Nursing homes play such a prominent part in the lives of our aging society, and if this place of care is not able to be a satisfactory home for them then it should changed so that they can live how they wish to live in their final stages of life. When caring for the aging members of our society, most who are frail and chronically ill, demands are high and unfortunately not all of those requests can be made possible. The residents
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of these homes are very weak and need much assistance from staff, and each individual resident needs personal support. First of all, nursing homes must be presented and maintained in a particular way so that care for the residents is easy and convenient. Nursing homes must have a certain design that incorporates cleanliness, well-lit rooms to prevent falls of the residents, and usually contains shrill sounds caused by the many nursing alarms (Lecture, November 20). The nursing homes are similar to hospitals in that they are cold, unwelcoming, and are very institutional environments (Lecture, November 20). Secondly, residents of nursing homes are very fragile, and caring for them can be incredibly difficult. There is such a great variability and individuality of residents that specific care must be provided to each and every one (Lecture, November 13). A big issue for many residents of nursing homes is that many residents have motionless joints, strains on their bodies, and pressure sores all over their body from lying in bed
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final gty essay - Lindsey Faucher GTY 154 December 16, 2008...

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