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GTY first response essay - Lindsey Faucher GTY 154...

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Lindsey Faucher First Response Essay GTY 154 September 18, 2008 Teenage Pregnancy: Positive or Negative? In our lives there is always going to be something guiding our actions, thoughts, and behaviors. We as people are told that in order to be accepted in our society we must behave in certain ways, especially when it comes to acting appropriately according to our own age group. Social norms, the expected standards and behaviors people in our culture believe those of certain ages should follow, help to define the ways in which we are supposed to act. There are three elements in age norms: they stipulate conduct and tell us what we should and should not do, they are used by a communal group, and they bring a sense of control and restriction to our society. These three components bring up some very good points to follow, but the question is how exactly do we know when their standards are met and when we have reached their limits? Who exactly is the judge of all of this and the judge of how we as people choose to live and follow out our lives? A very important and also very controversial social norm in today’s world that has affected many is the conflict of what the proper pregnancy age is. To be more specific, the issue arises when one is asked what the proper time, age, and relationship status must be when one becomes pregnant. Back in the day it was seen as appropriate if you had a child around age twenty-three. As time went on the suitable pregnancy age got lower, spanning between the ages of twenty-one and twenty-two. In our society today, women are encouraged to start families and have children whenever they want to, as long as they are married, out of college, and are financially stable. This is seen as one of the few acceptable things to do when it comes to
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GTY first response essay - Lindsey Faucher GTY 154...

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