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GTY second response essay - Lindsey Faucher GTY 154 October...

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Lindsey Faucher Second Response Essay GTY 154 October 14, 2008 School Talk: The Real Truth about Middle School In the book School Talk by Donna Eder with Catherine Colleen Evans and Stephen Parker, the authors present major themes that are prevalent in middle school such as cliques, popularity v. unpopularity, gender differences, and teasing and ridicule. Along with presenting these themes, the authors bring up certain questions such as, “how are certain social roles and statuses in middle school determined,” “why is aggression and harassment so widespread among middle school children,” and “how do schools influence the development of elitism of students in school?” By completing this study on gender and adolescent culture at a middle school in a midwestern community, the authors were able to find the answers to these questions and see how the issues in middle school are related to issues in social gerontology, especially social roles and age norms. The authors are very persuasive, as they are able to back up their theories about the school culture with specific evidence from their study and then show what can we done to solve the underlying issues dealing with certain aspects of the culture. This book is a great tool in learning how middle school really is its own society and has its own rules that must be followed and roles that must be filled. The first theme that the authors address in the book is that of the importance of cliques and groups in the middle school setting. This was primarily important in determining where a student would sit in the lunchroom. Seating was secured by seat saving, and students went to
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GTY second response essay - Lindsey Faucher GTY 154 October...

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