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Lindsey Faucher EDP 256E Exceptionality Portfolio Ch. 9: Learners with Communication Disorders Things I already knew: Communication means sharing knowledge and using social interaction, the sending of messages, and oral language Phonology refers to the particular sounds of speech and how they are sequenced New things I learned: A primary language disorder has no known cause A secondary language disorder is caused by another condition (such as intellectual disabilities, hearing impairment, autistic spectrum disorder, etc) Phonological disorders: o Occur in children younger nine years of age o Do not include the typically developing young child’s inability to say words correctly o Cause of the disorder is often unknown o Are hard to distinguish conceptually from articulation disorders Early expressive language delay (EELD): when there is a bug lag in a child’s expressive
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Unformatted text preview: language that the child won’t outgrow o About half the children whose language development is delayed at age two will eventually catch up with the rest of their peers; the other half will not catch up and will have language problems throughout their years of schooling Resources: • Asha.org- American Speech-Language-Hearing Association o Is making effective communication a human right, allowing it to be accessible and achievable for all o Provides newspapers, e-newsletters, and journals online o Has a section on advocacy where people can voice support on legislative efforts • Cec.sped.org- Council for Exceptional Children o Gives information on what communication disorders are and what characteristics are displayed in the children who have these disorders o Describes the educational implications of communication disorders...
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