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Unformatted text preview: Lindsey Faucher EDP 256E Exceptionality Portfolio Ch. 15: Learners with Special Gifts and Talents Things I already knew: • The main factors that contribute to giftedness are genetic/biological factors or social factors (family/school/friends, etc) • Acceleration is used when students are gifted or have exceptional abilities o Deals with moving a student ahead of his/her peers in certain subject areas • Many students who are gifted get bored with the things they are doing in class because it is not challenging enough for them New things I learned: • Analytic giftedness: when a person is able to take a problem apart and understand all the different parts of it and how they are related (this skill can be measured by conventional intelligence tests) • Synthetic giftedness: involves insight, intuition, and creativity (these skills are usually associated with high achievement in the arts and sciences) • Practical giftedness: deals with applying analytic and synthetic abilities to the solving of...
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