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Lindsey Faucher EDP 256E Exceptionality Portfolio Chapter 11: Learners with Blindness or Low Vision Things I already knew: Cataracts: the clouding of the lens of the eye o I was born with cataracts- had a new lens put in a few years ago Braille: a system for blind people to use so that can “read” with their fingertips o Uses raised dots When you are nearsighted you cannot see things far away When you are farsighted you cannot see things close up New things I learned: Myopia is when you are nearsighted Hyperopia is when you are farsighted Blindness definitions: o Legal definition: A person who has the visual acuity of 20/200 or less in the better eye, even with correction o Educational definition: A person who is blind is so severely impaired they must learn to read Braille or use aural methods Low Vision definition: o Legal definition: acuity between 20/70 and 20/200 in the better eye, with correction o Educational definition: the visual impairment is not so severe that they are unable
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Unformatted text preview: to read print of any kind (can use large or regular print or use some form of magnification) • Four ways of aiding blind people with their mobility: o Long cane o Guide dog o Tactile maps o Human guide • Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that causes damage to the optic nerve Resources: • •National Federation For The Blind- www.nfb.org/nfb/default.asp o provides information about vision loss for teachers, parents, children, employers, etc. o gives resources for blind people for four different categories: for living, for working, for learning, and for recreation • •Blind Children’s Resource Center–www.blindchildren.org/ o provides information about education and development with blind children o gives suggestions for games and spots blind children can play to stay active and healthy...
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