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256 journals - them to turn to o Allows you to understand...

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Lindsey Faucher EDP 256E Exceptionality Portfolio CHAPTER 7: Learners with Attention Deficit Disorder Things I already knew: Ritalin is a drug used to help with ADHD New things I learned: 70% of those with ADHD as a child continue to have it as an adult The ratio of males to females that have ADHD is 6:1 There are three kinds of ADHD o HD o ADD o ADHD Resourcea: Chadd.com (CHADD: Children and Adults with Attention and Hyperactive Disorder) o Helps those who have ADHD find support and provides an online community for
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Unformatted text preview: them to turn to o Allows you to understand the disorder: discusses the causes, symptoms, treatments, and more • Concerta.net (for adults or children) o Concerta is on of the drugs used for ADHD o Provides facts, signs, symptoms, and treatment options o Allows people to understand and be able to manage the everyday challenges that come with ADHD...
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