dla5 - more category four’s than category one’s It...

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Lin dsey Faucher FSW 281- Sec. C DLA #5 March 19, 2010 I must say that I was very surprised by the information that Dr. Stephan Ceci discussed in the video. I did not know that standardized tests such as the SAT and other placement tests were actually considered to be “IQ Tests”. I thought the two were completely separate and had nothing to do with the other. I was happy to hear that he believed these tests were not perfect and were nowhere close to perfect for predicting how a student will perform at the next level of learning. I especially liked when he said, “These test…they’re gatekeepers. They decide who gets in, who doesn’t get in.” Our society relies so much on these achievement tests that are not necessarily accurate predictors of how students will do in college. Today students stress over how well they will do on the SAT and the ACT, to the point where nothing else in life really seems to matter. I especially liked his story about the army and how they made the accident of letting in
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Unformatted text preview: more category four’s than category one’s. It really shows how people act differently toward you if they think they “know” your intelligence level. I loved how every person who was a category four passed the training with flying colors and proved themselves to be just as valuable even if they didn’t score as high on an IQ test. People can really do whatever they set their minds to, regardless of what their numbers are on a standardized test. Just as Dr. Ceci said, there was nothing wrong with the people, there was something wrong with the test. There are so many factors that can hinder one’s ability while taking these types of tests, and these things are never factored in. I believe that a person’s intelligence should not solely be based on one test, as there are so many other things that show one’s abilities and achievement level....
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dla5 - more category four’s than category one’s It...

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