Dla7 - fitting in Girls on the other hand can usually do some “boyish” things and not be teased for it When girls play sports that require more

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Lindsey Faucher FSW 281- Sec. C DLA #7 April 7, 2010 I feel as though males experience more stress in relationship to gender roles. Even as they grow up, females are able to choose to do things that are either “girly” or “boyish” and are usually still accepted for it. Boys on the other hand are constantly teased if they are not “manly” or macho enough. For example, if a boy were to grow older and choose to play a typically female sport, such as diving or gymnastics, they may be teased about it by other boys because it is not a sport where people are hitting or punching or attacking someone else. Another example is if a boy chooses to do something that a girl would typically do and enjoy it, such as shopping or watching chick-flicks. Boys are constantly made fun of for this and even though they don’t usually wear their emotions on their sleeves, I’m sure it still upsets them when they are not
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Unformatted text preview: fitting in. Girls on the other hand can usually do some “boyish” things and not be teased for it. When girls play sports that require more masculine strength, they are sometimes praised for their abilities. When girls play video games or like to watch action movies, not many people think that is weird or completely out of the ordinary. Sometimes girls may be teased for some of these things if they are a little bigger than other girls or if they look a bit more muscular/masculine, but other than that they are usually free to do what they want to do. Because of this and from what I have seen so far in my life, I think that boys may have to deal with more stress than girls when it comes to fitting in with their gender. There are so many unwritten rules and guidelines of how to fit in, and if they are broken things could get ugly....
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