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fsw - In response to this my wife and I have talked to her...

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My teen has not responded well to issues dealing with alcohol, sex, and drugs during her teen years. She has tried so hard to be the most “popular” girl in school, meaning that she has gone to multiple parties, acted recklessly, and has gone against many of my wishes. She has tried marijuana and alcohol, and has even gotten a tattoo with her boyfriend. In response to this, I have warned her that these behaviors are dangerous, but that I am only concerned for her well- being and would rather have her be honest with me than strictly punish her. She has also started to date someone for two months, and my partner and I have been worried about the relationship, especially because Madeline has claimed that she is in love with this boy. I am nervous that she may be having sexual relations with this young man.
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Unformatted text preview: In response to this, my wife and I have talked to her about waiting until she is more mature. We have also brought up using protection such as condoms, birth control, and practicing safe sex. I have tried to combat these issues by enforcing rules and curfew, but she has in turn, continued to use these behaviors on semi-regular basis. However, she has excelled in her schooling and has been accepted to a prestigious out-of-state university, where she will be studying psychology. She has always been a very smart girl, and was in the top ten percentile of her graduating class. She also tested in the top five percent of the ACT and the SAT, and we are extremely proud of her for that. She received a scholarship to this university, and has shown so much dedication to her education. 3....
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