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Lindsey Faucher FSW 281- Sec. C CDC Observation #2 February 26, 2010 Running Notes: Child A. 10:00: E. gets ready to go outside and is the first one out of circle time to run over and get her coat. When she runs she seems a little off balance, swerving her body part of the way. 10:01: E. reaches for her coat, and is able to snap it quickly all by herself. She then asks the teacher if it looks okay, and the teacher says yes, which brings a smile to E’s face. 10:02: As the class goes outside, E. eagerly runs through the snow and goes straight to the playground, looking extremely happy the entire time. 10:03: Upon reaching the playground, E. climbs the stairs to the top with ease. She moves at a very quick pace, and goes straight toward the slide. 10:04: E. goes down the slide multiple times, and each time she walks around the playground to go back up, her smile gets bigger and bigger. 10:05: On about the fifth time E. goes down the slide, she stumbles a bit falls in the snow. But she doesn’t fuss about it and instead laughs at herself. 10:06: E. runs over to another area of the playground and decides to climb over everything. She does not seem to have trouble at all. She then decides to run back over to the main area of the
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This note was uploaded on 12/29/2011 for the course FSW 281 taught by Professor Staff during the Spring '08 term at Miami University.

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runningnotes2 - Lindsey Faucher FSW 281 Sec C CDC...

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