final paper - From the viewpoint of the west, Saudi Arabia...

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From the viewpoint of the west, Saudi Arabia is considered to have a major lack of human rights. Saudi Arabia is one of thirty countries in the world with judicial corporal punishment. Examples of this include amputations of hands and feet for robbery and flogging for lesser crimes such as sexual deviance and drunkenness. A more extreme example of corporal punishment includes public execution by beheading for murder, rape, armed robbery, and repeated drug use. It is estimated that there are 100 to 200 executions of this kind per year. Saudi citizens are oppressed by the government censorship of media broadcasting, the press, the Internet, and other forms of communication. For example, in 2008 a prominent Saudi blogger and reformist, Fouad al-farhan was jailed for posting comments online that were critical of Saudi business. In Saudi Arabia, political parties are banned as well as trade unions. Public demonstrations are also forbidden. This gives the average Saudi citizen little to no voice in the public sphere. On the positive side, by law, all Saudi citizens are entitled to free medical care, protection of their privacy, and employment opportunities. Although, when it comes to HIV and AIDS many schools and hospitals are reluctant to treat or give out information on the disease because this is considered taboo to speak of. Human rights organizations have formed in Saudi Arabia. Although, most do not receive governmental license. Gender plays a large role in the culture and atmosphere of Saudi Arabia. Women’s rights are oppressed and defined by sharia law. Saudi women who were adults before 1979 recall driving, inviting unrelated men into their home with the door closed, and being in public without a full body covering. But, the 1979 Iranian Revolution caused the government to implement stricter enforcement of Sharia. The Iranian revolution involved
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the overthrow of Iran’s monarchy and its replacement with and Islamic republic. The revolution against the monarchy caused Iran to become an Islamic republic. The revolution also created surprise throughout the world and was very popular. It caused a movement towards theocracy that largely influenced Saudi Arabia. Conservative Saudis seek to maintain traditional gender roles because Saudi Arabia is the center of Islam. All females must have a male guardian. This person is typically a father or a
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final paper - From the viewpoint of the west, Saudi Arabia...

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