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ath405-fields notes - Becca Sues Part One Site Visit...

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Becca Sues Part One: Site Visit: October 5 th at 5:30PM Setting: When you first walk in the large double doors of the dining hall, there is a worker wearing a Miami hat behind a counter ready to take your swipe so you can pay for the meal. This directly leads to the trays, then to the salad and pasta bars. Fruit is also available. You serve yourself in this area. Then you can go through a hallway where you have three choices for your main course. This includes burritos and some type of meat. Miami employees in this area serve you. After that you can grab silver wear and drinks. You also serve yourself in this area. Then there is a large room outside the food area that is used for dining. There are many tables that are able to sit about six students each. Some tables are round while others are rectangular. There are large windows throughout the dining hall. The dining hall is a comfortable setting including bright lighting, soft chairs, and wooded walls. This dining hall has a lot of Miami Sports memorabilia on the walls. Every table has the “M” logo on it. There are clever puns above the food such as “Sports Seasonings.” This is a sports setting. Scene: These are students that are all around the same age. They eat at this dining hall every day at the same time. They seem to use this as a time to socialize with their peers as well as a place to get food. The meaning behind the dining hall experience is a feeling of belonging and friendship. You can only go here if you are a Miami student; it gives a sense of exclusivity. Participants: There are about 75 students present. There is a mix of males and females. They are mostly freshman at about 18 years of age. There are mostly athletes at this dining hall. They bring in their sports equipment and sit with their teammates. Most students seem to be very physically fit. They wear Miami gear and proudly display the sport they play for on their t-shirts. Seem to be more of a mix of races than anywhere else on campus. The servers are Miami students that are also wearing uniform Miami gear.
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Did not see anyone in the dining hall over the college age. Ends: People come to this dining hall to eat and socialize. Athletes have easy access to this dining hall because it is located right by the sports facilities on campus. Seem to come sweaty, right after practice. They are able to use their meal plan here. Students seem to meet the goal of getting the food they want and socializing with people they have things in common with. For example, people mostly ate with their teammates. Actions: Students first swipe their meal plan, get a tray, and then go get their food. They then get drinks and find a table to fit everyone they entered the dining hall with. They eat their meal and socialize with their table. Some students go up for seconds or
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ath405-fields notes - Becca Sues Part One Site Visit...

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