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1. I have never worked at another restaurant before but I would imagine that it is more of a laid back atmosphere. We are allowed to drink it the back and we are allowed to use our computer if there are no customers around. We also have to deal with the restaurant being “bar style.” We have to yell at customers to be aggressive and order otherwise they will always try to form a line. We also stay open until two or three am most nights. We sell cigarettes and tobacco. 2. I would call it a laid back atmosphere. It also has that hippy feel. You can tell that it is a college restaurant. 3. It is a lot more informal compared to other restaurants. Our tip jars have dirty jokes on them and we are allowed to talk to the customers about whatever we want. We do say the normal sayings though like “have a good day.” 4. My favorite shift is probably a Sunday from 11am to 5pm. I like how it is during the day but we also make a lot of tips that day because it is mostly adults that are visiting that eat that day. It is sports teams parents etc. I do not like working “late
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