ethnography - Miami University is a campus that offers a...

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Miami University is a campus that offers a wide variety of extra curricular activities for every student interest. There are student athletes, members of Greek life, drama clubs, and much more. As students who are members of Greek life, we began to question why we never interact with anyone outside of Greek life. Why do athletes only intermingle with other athletes? We argue that this group stratification is a learned behavior that begins freshman year. Where a student eats is an important part of socialization as a first year student. It is known that there is an “Athlete” dining hall and a “Sorority” dining hall. This learned segregation continues throughout many students’ four years of college. The Miami University dining halls reinforce the segregation between athletes and members of Greek life as well as other sectors of college life such as student nightlife and off-campus housing. We would first like to provide the reader some background information on the dining halls at Miami University. On campus there are five quads, which include North quad, Central quad, South quad, East quad, and West quad. The university assigns freshman and sophomores to a quad from year to year. On each quad there is one main dining hall where students can have all three meals of the day. Most students stay on their individual quad to eat because it is convenient and they can eat with their friends. For argumentative purposes, we will be focusing on North quad and Central quad. North quad is considered the “athlete” quad while Central quad is considered the “sorority” quad. We first decided to research the dining hall on North quad, which is called Martin dining hall. We decided to explore the reasons why Martin got this reputation of feeding hungry athletes. We began by investigating the setting of the dining hall. There are very
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obvious reasons as to why Miami athletes choose to dine here. It is located right by where they live and it is close to where all the sports practice facilities are. It is convenient and practical. When we first arrived at the dining hall it felt like the normal college dining hall experience. We entered the large double doors and were greeted by a college-aged female employee ready to swipe our cards in order to allow us to experience the all-you- can-eat buffet. We then followed the crowd of students and grabbed our trays and silverware. We first helped ourselves to the salad bar and loaded our plates with as much food as we wanted. We then had to select our main course, which included a burrito bar, a home-style bar, and a Chinese bar. We individually picked the food we wanted and were served by more college-aged Miami students. Next, we grabbed our drinks and proceeded to find a table to sit at. So far the setting had felt all too familiar to us. It felt like our dining experiences during our freshman and sophomore years of college just at a different location on campus. We then got more detailed in our research and began investigating the participants
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ethnography - Miami University is a campus that offers a...

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