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prewriting - • Bring athletes to sorority dining hall •...

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Paper 13-15 pages How food is different? What are their choices? What do they leave on their plates? Sorority LLC o What is this experience Segregated- special Campus life unified- except social stratification Reasons for segregation: convenience, space, status Specify argument Interview sorority members, site visit at Hamilton Why do we keep athletes segregated? Food places reinforce differences that occur on campus Annex houses Effects? Meaning?
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Unformatted text preview: • Bring athletes to sorority dining hall • Take sorority member to Martin Sorry these notes are all over the place, I was trying to write fast while she talked. Do you think we could get your guy friend to go eat at Hamilton and I can take someone to Martin? I think it might be interesting dialogue and help us add a few pages to our paper. Plus that was her suggestion. See ya tomorrow at 10. Where do you want to meet?...
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