Group Presentation 2 Fall 2011

Group Presentation 2 Fall 2011 - Shirt and tie would be...

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Brigham Young University Institute of Business Management ManEc 453 Money, Banking and Financial Markets Group Assignment #2 Due: as scheduled GROUP PRESENTATION Each group has been assigned a presentation topic that addresses a relevant issue in our class. The report will consist of a group presentation to the class and a brief written summary (2 pages maximum) to be submitted immediately before the presentation. An electronic copy of any power point slides should also be provided to the TA for posting on blackboard so the class can review the presentation. Each presentation is presented as a question. The group will present its answer to the class, along with relevant background, data and supporting analysis. One objective is to convince the class that the answer is correct, perhaps like a sales pitch to close a sale. Each member of the group will participate in the presentation. Presentations MUST be limited to 12 minutes with some time afterward for questions from the class.
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Unformatted text preview: Shirt and tie would be appropriate dress for presentees. Power point presentations have become very effective and popular in the business community and would be appropriate here. In order to keep the presentations focused, a group meeting with the instructor one week before the presentation is anticipated. The meeting would be scheduled through the teaching assistant. At the meeting, attended by as many of the group as possible, an outline of the relevant material would be reviewed and brainstormed. The assignment is worth 100 points, to be allocated as follows: a) dress and time (20) b) presentation content (50) c) presentation itself (AV ooperation, knowledge of material) (20) d) answer to question (10) Grading sheet - Group Presentations One Two Three Four Five Total Dress Presentation Content Time Answer Convincing Total Total =...
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Group Presentation 2 Fall 2011 - Shirt and tie would be...

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