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Grp Assignment 1 Fall 2011

Grp Assignment 1 Fall 2011 - but the last trade price The...

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Brigham Young University Institute of Business Management ManEc 453 Money, Banking and Financial Markets Group Assignment #1 Due: September 12, 2011 CORPORATE INVESTMENT This assignment consists of making an investment in the Corporation you were assigned. Take $100,000 and invest as much or as little as the group wishes in the stock of the company. You can go "long" or "short". Use the closing price of the stock on Wednesday September 7, 2011. Then on September 8, 2011, offset your position by using stock option contracts. Use the last price of the day on September 8 (not the bid or asked price
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Unformatted text preview: but the last trade price). The information on these trades will be turned in to the TA on 9/12/2011. On September 21 we will close out both positions and see how the class, in total, did. In addition to documenting the investment you make and handing it in after class on Septembe 12, please include a short paragraph about the company: a) What general market does it compete in (energy, food, etc.) b) What is the company's main product line c) Where is the company headquartered. d) When does the company's fiscal year end...
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