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PHYS171 Final Exam Practice Fall 2011 Name: _____________________ Student ID #: ________ 1 Short Answer Questions (respond in a few sentences using physical principals) 5 points each 1) Describe in a sentence or two why heat will not flow from a cold material to a hot material. Use whatever physical concepts you find useful, such as the kinetic theory of gasses, laws of thermodynamics, etc. (5 points) 2) Consider two containers of gas. They contain the same number of atoms, but the atoms in one container have twice the velocity as the other. What is the ratio of pressures, and why? (5 points) 3) Explain why an object that is less dense than water floats. 4) A mass slides down an inclined plane without friction. Another mass, in the shape of a sphere, rolls down the same plane. Which has greater velocity upon reaching the bottom?
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PHYS171 Final Exam Practice Fall 2011 Name: _____________________ Student ID #: ________ 2 5) You are in a car that collides head-on with an identical vehicle. Which would result in lower chance of injury. Elastic collision, or inelastic collision, why? 6) Sketch position and velocity vs time for car which slows to a stop at constant acceleration. Make sure slope and curvature are appropriate. 7) What conditions are necessary for a force to be conservative (derivable from a potential)? 8) You are spinning on a turntable holding a heavy weight in each hand. You suddenly open your hands and let the weights drop. Will you spin faster, spin more slowly, or spin the same speed after you have let go of the weights? (5 points)
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PHYS171_f11_final_exam_practice - PHYS171 Final Exam...

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