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1 PHYS171 Rm 1111, IPST building (building #085) The photo was taken in… 123456789 7% 13% 13% 17% 10% 17% 10% 7% 7% 1. Maryland 2. Virginia 3. New York 4. California 5. Utah 6. Vermont 7. New Jersey 8. Distict of Columbia 9. Computer Generated
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2 Chapter 5 Mass rests on an inclined plane m 1 θ m 2 Now I add an additional mass attached to the first by a pulley. The second mass m 2 is chosen so that its weight exactly cancels the force of kinetic friction on the first mass. What is the acceleration? Chapter 5 Mass rests on an inclined plane θ m 2 How would I choose m 2 so that the acceleration of m 1 is the same as it would have been if m 1 were sliding without friction?
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3 Chapter 5 Resistive Force of an Object Moving Through Fluid Media velocity resistive force Large object moving rapidly through a gas or non-viscous fluid (car moving at high speed
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PHYS171_f11_lecture_13 - PHYS171 Rm 1111,...

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