PHYS171_f11_lecture_48 - As clock travels along its path,...

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1 PHYS171 Chapter 36 Einstein Theory of Special Relativity • The laws of physics have the same form in all inertial reference systems • Light propagates through empty space with a definite speed c independent of the speed of the source or observer. All conclusions are drawn from these hypotheses Length contraction, time dililation .
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2 Chapter 36 Time Dilation Time dilation seems to imply that time elapses more slowly in one reference system than another. A clock carried by an vehicle moving at high speed shows less elapsed time than a clock in the reference system from which the vehicle is observed. Time actually moves at equal speed in both systems – simultaneity at different locations is the problem. Non-Relativistic In classical mechanics there is no difficulty in defining clocks as synchronized even if they are at different locations
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Unformatted text preview: As clock travels along its path, it continues to agree with nearby clocks. 3 Special relativity Simultaneity A B A B O O Observer O sees light from A and B arrive simultaneously, and judges sources A and B synchronized. Observer O sees light from B arrive before light from A (which correspond to B and A at the instant of the flashes). Observer O thinks that B flashed before A! v In relativistic mechanics, clocks which are synchronized in the stationary reference frame do not appear to be synchronized in a reference frame of a moving clock. By the time it has reached the end of its path, the moving clock is not longer synchronized with nearby clocks, although it is still synchronized with the clock it left behind. Relativistic...
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PHYS171_f11_lecture_48 - As clock travels along its path,...

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