374chw1 - HW#1 —Phys374—Spring 2008...

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Unformatted text preview: HW#1 —Phys374—Spring 2008 www.physics.umd.edu/grt/taj/374c/ due before class, Friday, Feb. 8 Prof. Ted Jacobson (301)405-6020, [email protected] 1. Scaling of cruising velocity of flying objects with respect to mass : Problems 2.5d,e from from textbook. (You need not (but may) follow the steps and instructions in parts a,b,c,d. The book’s method seems a bit inelegant to me. Note that eqns (2.30) and (2.31) should have ∼ signs rather than = signs.) 2. Flow rate through a pipe : Problems 2.6a,b,c from textbook. ( Hint for the last part : the flow velocity is always zero at the walls. . . ) 3. Ideal gas law : Near the beginning of the nineteenth century Avo- gadro inferred from experiments the remarkable fact that the number of molecules N in a gas contained in a volume V at a pressure P and temperature T is the same for all gases. He deduced that the molecules must occupy only a very small fraction of the total volume. This led to the kinetic theory of gases, according to which the pressure arises from collisions between the molecules and the walls. Use dimensional analysis together with physical reasoning to determine the form of the...
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374chw1 - HW#1 —Phys374—Spring 2008...

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