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Homework 0 Physics 374 , Spring 2008 Due Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2008, before class Prof. Ted Jacobson Assignment : Read the following paragraphs, print this page, sign the student statement below, and turn it in during class Wed. Feb. 6. As discussed in class Wednesday, Jan. 30, and as described in the course syllabus, it is strictly forbidden in this class to make any use of solutions from previous classes. The consequence of violating this rule is failure of the course, and referral to the Student Honor Council. Please refer to the course syllabus for further details about the Honor Council. Some students may have a classmate who has previously taken this class, and who may still have solution sets for previous homework assignments, or who may just recall the solutions. Therefore, I must specify that you may not discuss particular homework problems with someone who has already taken the course or who has seen the previous
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Unformatted text preview: solutions. However, you may certainly discuss the course material in general with them. If you yourself have already taken the course, then you may naturally use your own memory, but you may not make use of any previous solutions, including your own or the ones I or anyone else provided. If you have any question interpreting these rules, please ask me about it. If you need help doing the homework, please always feel free to ask me. Usually email works the most quickly. Try to tell me just where you are stuck, or what you don’t understand, and I can usually get you on track with a short email. Ted Jacobson Student statement I have read the above paragraphs and I understand the rule forbidding the use of previous homework solutions in this class, as well as the consequences of violating the rule. _________________________________________________________ Signature and date...
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