The g student wants to measure g the length of the

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Unformatted text preview: A student knows that, for a pendulum, at LO, the ration between the period L (T), the length (L) and the gravitational constant (g) is T = 2π . The g student wants to measure g. The length of the pendulum is measured to be 361±0.40 cm. The students measured the period 10 times and gets values of 3.827,3.835,3.810,3.819,3.822, 3.811,3.812,3.823,3.805,3.820. What is the average value of the period? What is the random uncertainty on the period? Write a formula for the uncertainty in g that uses only g and the fractional uncertainties on L and T (and numbers). Assuming the systematic uncertainty on the period is negligible, what is the student’s measured value of g? If the student wanted to improve their result, which is more important to improve, the accuracy of the length measurement or that of the period measurement? Why? 3. Write a matlab script that will calculate g and its uncertainty using the information in problem 3. Put it onto a memory stick or email it to yourself. During class on 2 Feb, execute it and show your instructor that it works. (You might check your coding yourself using the free software available at: or ­ Please review the class web site, carefully reading the syllabus, the schedule, and “lab reports: required contents and examples”....
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