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Homework #1 – due week of Jan. 31 – Feb. 1 Physics 375 - Fuhrer Spring 2011 Show your work! 1) Suppose N = 9 students make the following measurements of the length of the classroom in meters: 5.056; 5.012; 5.084; 5.011; 5.113; 5.062; 5.099; 5.044; 5.055 Calculate the mean, standard deviation, and standard deviation of the mean for this sample distribution. Please do this by hand, rather than using software which automatically gives the values (and may be incorrect!) 2) You want to estimate the energy E stored in a capacitor, using the relation E = ½ CV 2 where C is the capacitance, and V the voltage across the capacitor. You measure the voltage across the capacitor to be 1.584 V with 0.7 % error, and the capacitor has a nominal value of 100 pF, with a 1.0 % error. 2A) What is the energy stored in the capacitor? 2B) What is your uncertainty in the energy? 2C) Which error, voltage or capacitance, contributes most to the uncertainty? 3) What does this script do?
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