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HW2 Phys 375 F09 - Determine both the reflectance and the...

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Phys 375 HW 2 Fall 2009 Due 21 / 22September, 2009 1. Pedrotti 3 , 3 rd edition, problem 2-7 (see Fig. 2-33). 2. Pedrotti 3 , 3 rd edition, problem 3-6. 3. Write an expression for the E - and B -fields that constitute a plane harmonic wave traveling in the + z -direction. The wave is linearly polarized with its plane of vibration at 45 o to the yz -plane. 4. Prove that to someone looking straight down into a swimming pool, any object in the water will appear to be ¾ of its true depth. 5. Light is incident in air perpendicularly on a sheet of crown glass having an index of refraction of 1.552.
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Unformatted text preview: Determine both the reflectance and the transmittance. 6. Show analytically that a beam entering a planar transparent plate, as in the figure, emerges parallel to its initial direction. Consider the case where the plate has a side length t , and the laser beam has an angle of incidence , and angle of refraction at the first interface of . Find an expression for the lateral displacement of the exiting beam relative to the incident beam, s , in terms of t and trigonometric functions of and . Use Snell’s law and some geometrical thinking. t s Glass plate...
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