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Phys 375 – Monday/Tuesday sections – Prof. Fuhrer Homework #2, due week of February 7-8, 2011 1) Pedrotti, problem 2-4: “Determine the height of a wall mirror that will permit a 6-ft person to view his or her entire height. Sketch rays from the top and bottom of the person, and determine the position of the mirror such that full image is seen, regardless of the person’s distance from the mirror.” 1) Pedrotti, problem 2-7: “A small source of light at the bottom face of a rectangular glass slab 2.25 cm thick is viewed from above. Rays of light totally internally reflected at the top surface outline a circle of 7.60 cm in diameter on the bottom surface. Determine the refractive index of the glass.” 3) Pedrotti, problem 2-8. “Show that the lateral displacement of a ray of light penetrating a rectangular plate of thickness
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