purcell_simplified - Purcell Simplied Magnetism Radiation...

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Purcell Simplifed: Magnetism, Radiation, and Relativity Anaheim, CA, 14 January 1999 Dan Schroeder, Weber State University, http://physics.weber.edu/schroeder Introductory Comments There’s almost nothing original in this talk; Purcell gets all the credit. Don’t use Purcell’s book in an introductory course. (If you’re tempted, read the reviews in Amazon.com.) I’m not presenting a complete curriculum; this material would occupy only 3–5 class sessions. I have prepared a 39-page set of typeset class notes, suitable for a calculus-based introductory course, which you can download from my web site. This material could also be adapted to an algebra-based course, with some loss of rigor. Prerequisites: 1. An understanding of electrostatic Felds, including either Gauss’s law or equivalent rules for Feld lines. 2. ±amiliarity with basic magnetic phenomena, e.g., parallel currents attract. 3. The basics of special relativity, including reference frames, length contraction, and the cosmic speed limit but not including the Lorentz transformation equations or relativistic dynamics. Magnetism as a Consequence oF Length Contraction Model a current-carrying wire as a line of negative charges ( - q ) at rest and a line of positive charges (+ q ) moving to the right at speed v . The average linear separation between charges is ± . Consider a “test charge” Q moving
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purcell_simplified - Purcell Simplied Magnetism Radiation...

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