HW4soln - %CONSTANTS c=2.998e10;%cm/s hbar=6.582e-16; %in...

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%CONSTANTS c=2.998e10;%cm/s hbar=6.582e-16; %in eV*sec m=5.11e5/c^2; %in eV/c^2 hbar2o2m=hbar^2/(2*m); %UNIT CELL AND LATTICE SPACING a=15e-8; dx=0.3e-8; x=0:dx:(a-dx); N=round(a/dx); %POTENTIAL Vx=0.5*cos(2*pi*x/a); %POTENTIAL PART OF HAMILTONIAN R=fft(eye(N)); Hpot=R'*diag(Vx)*R/N; %%OR %VG=fft(Vx)/N; %for ii=1:NXPTS % Hpot(ii,:)=shift(VG,ii-1); %end %OR %Hpot=zeros(NXPTS); %for ii=1:(NXPTS-1) % Hpot=Hpot+diag(VG(NXPTS+1-ii)*ones(NXPTS- ii,1),ii); %end %for ii=-(NXPTS-1):0 %LABEL THE RECIPROCAL LATTICE VECTORS G=pi/a*[-fliplr(2:2:(N-1)) 0:2:N]; %PICK SOME POINTS IN THE FIRST B-ZONE NKPTS=51; ZONES=1; ks=ZONES*linspace(-pi/a,pi/a ,NKPTS*ZONES); jj=1; for k = ks %ADD KINETIC ENERGY TO HAMILTONIAN H=diag(hbar2o2m*(k+G).^2)+Hpot; %FIND ENERGY EIGENVALUES [v,d]=eig(H); eig1=diag(d); evals(:,jj)=sort(real(eig1)); jj=jj+1; end figure(1) NUMBANDS=5; plot(ks*a/pi, evals(1:NUMBANDS,:)); xlabel('k [\pi/a]'); ylabel('Energy [eV]'); axis([-ZONES ZONES -.5 4]) figure(2) [e1,ei1]=min(real(eig1)); Psi1=conj(ifft(v(:,ei1))).*ifft(v(:,ei1))*N;
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This note was uploaded on 12/29/2011 for the course PHYSICS 731 taught by Professor Appelbaum during the Fall '11 term at Maryland.

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HW4soln - %CONSTANTS c=2.998e10;%cm/s hbar=6.582e-16; %in...

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