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PHYS731syllabus - University of Maryland Department of...

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University of Maryland Department of Physics Fall 2011 Prof. Ian Appelbaum Physics 731 Title: PHYS 731 Solid-State Physics: A variety of topics such as crystal structure, mechanical, thermal, electrical, and magnetic properties of solids, band structure, the Fermi surface, and superconductivity will be treated. Although the emphasis will be on the phenomena, the methods of quantum mechanics are freely employed in this description. This is a 3 credit course. Prerequisite: Undergraduate-level Quantum Mechanics, Statistical Mechanics, and Electrostatics. Instructor: Prof. Ian Appelbaum, Room 1368 (Physics / Center for Nanophysics and Advanced Materials). You can find the Center either by 1) going through the blue door labeled “Center for Nanophysics and Advanced Materials” in the basement of the Physics building, or 2) entering from the plaza between the Math and Physics buildings. My office is right next to those of Profs. Lobb, Anlage, Ouyang, and Paglione on the second floor. A map is available at: http://appelbaumlab.umd.edu/images/officemap.jpg
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