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a) In a centrifuge rotating with angular frequency ω , a molecule of mass m 1 feels an effective potential energy -m 1 r 2 ω 2 /2 when it is a distance r away from the center of the centrifuge. The molecule is part of an ideal gas with internal chemical potential µ int = τ log(n 1 /n Q1 ), where n 1 is the number of molecules per unit volume and n Q1 = (m 1 τ /2 π 2 ) 3/2 . Show that 22 1 11 mr n (r) = n (0)exp 2 ω τ    b) When a gas contains two different isotopes 1 and 2, the formula from part a) applies to each isotope separately with appropriate choice of subscripts. Derive a formula for the enrichment factor [n
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