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Homework #2 — PHYS 404 — Fall 2011 Deadline: Thursday, September 22, 2011, in class Professor Victor Yakovenko Office: 2115 Physics Web page: http://www2.physics.umd.edu/ ~ yakovenk/teaching/ Textbook: Daniel V. Schroeder, An Introduction to Thermal Physics Addison Wesley Longman, 2000, ISBN 0-201-38027-7 Do not forget to write your name and the homework number! Total score is 50 points. Ch. 1 Energy in Thermal Physics 1. Problem 1.34, 10 points. Rectangular cycle in the P - V plane. Helpful info: The internal energy of the diatomic gas is U = (5 / 2) NkT , and the ideal gas law is PV = NkT , thus U = (5 / 2) PV . This formula is more practical here. 2. Problem 1.36, 10 points. Pumping bicycle tire. Assume that the tire was pumped to 10 atm , not 7 atm. 3. Problem 1.39, 10 points. Speed of sound. The bulk modulus B is defined as B = -
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Unformatted text preview: V dP dV ! 4. Problem 1.47, 5 points. Ice in hot tea. Do the problem for a 250-g cup of tea, not 200-g cup. After obtaining the answer, discuss whether it agrees with common sense: How many cubes of ice would you put in a tea cup? 5. Problem 1.49, 5 points. Formation of water. Additional question: Calculate the energy dierence (in eV) between 2H 2 O (two water molecules) and 2H 2 +O 2 (two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule). To answer this question use the change of internal energy per mole, which was calculated in the main problem. 6. Problem 1.55, 10 points. Heat capacity of a gravitating system. Additional question (f): When the Sun loses energy due to radiation, does its temperature increase or decrease? September 15, 2011...
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