HW 3 Ch03 - relation dU( ,V)= d -pdV into dF( ,V)=- d -pdV,...

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Phys 404 Spring 2010 Homework 3, CHAPTER 3 Due Thurs day, February 18 , 20 10 @ 12:30 P M NOW DUE Thursday, February 25, 2010 @ 12:30 PM Early Warning: First hour exam is Thursday, March 4. It will cover Chapters 1-4 (roughly) in the text. Books, notes, formula sheets, cell phones, and calculators may not be used during the test. Chapter 3 assignment: Read chapter 3, then do these problems in chapter 3: 1 . K+K, Chapter 3, Problem 1 2 . K+K, Chapter 3, Problem 9 3 . K+K, Chapter 3, Problem 2, part (a), only. Expand the magnetization in the limit of small (mB << τ ) and large (mB >> τ ) magnetic fields. 4 . K+K, Chapter 3, Problem 3 5 . K+K, Chapter 3, Problem 4 6 . K+K, Chapter 3, Problem 6 7 . K+K, Chapter 3, Problem 11 8 . A Legendre transformation of the form d( τσ )= τ d σ + σ d τ changes the fundamental thermodynamic
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Unformatted text preview: relation dU( ,V)= d -pdV into dF( ,V)=- d -pdV, while also providing the formula F=U-. Use a Legendre transformation on the pdV term to derive expressions for dH( ,P) and for H( ,P). H is called the enthalpy, and is useful for processes that occur at constant pressure. Hints: 1. Find the free energy directly from the partition function. 2. Do the second problem in the list before doing problem 3, then use the generalization of the second problem, that the partition function for N independent distinguishable systems is Z( 1+2+3+. ..+N )=Z( 1 )Z( 2 )Z( 3 )...Z( N ). 3. You do not need to convert the partition sum to an integral; the sum can be evaluated exactly. Remember that exp(sx)=[exp(x)] s ....
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