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Physics 404: Final Exam Name ( print ): "I pledge on my honor that I have not given or received any unauthorized assistance on this examination." May 20, 2008 Sign Honor Pledge: Don't get bogged down on any problem you find difficult. Skip ahead and go through all 4 pages, then come back to it afterwards!! If you find a question ambiguous, ask or write a short explanation of why.) Much of the reference information at the end should be of help. 1. a) Show that the peak of u (vs. ) for blackbody radiation satisfies e x (n-x) = n, where x /k B T; be sure to identify the value of n. b) What is the ratio of the power radiated by a sphere at T 2 compared to that of another at T 1 , assuming all else is the same for the two spheres? d) If the spheres have different radii R 1 and R 2 , for what ratio R 2 /R 1 is the power radiated from the two spheres the same? (Or will the power ratio remain the same as in (b)?) 2. A 2-state system has energies E 0 = 0 and E 1 > 0. a) What is the ratio of occupations N 1 /N 0 ? b) What is the mean energy U? c) What is the free energy F? d) For a process described by the Einstein A coefficient, is a photon emitted or absorbed, and what is its energy? 3. a) What is the entropy associated with putting a red, a green, and a blue ball into 5 bowls? (no more than one ball per bowl)? b) What is this entropy if the balls are the same color (indistinguishable)?
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4. Consider the chemical reaction 2CO + O 2 2CO 2 a) What is the relationship (in equilibrium) between the chemical potentials of the 3 gases? b) What is the equilibrium constant K in terms of the partial pressures of the 3 gases?
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P404-Final-S08 - Physics 404: Final Exam Name (print):...

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