PHYS410s10 - v7 Physics 410: Classical Mechanics Spring...

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v7 Physics 410: Classical Mechanics Spring 2010 — Professor Shawhan Course topics: Intermediate applications of Newton’s laws; momentum and energy; damped and driven oscillations; nonlinear dynamics and chaos; calculus of variations; Lagrangian mechanics; Hamiltonian mechanics; central force problems; collision theory; noninertial frames; general motion of rigid bodies; coupled oscillators and normal modes; special relativity; wave equations. Prerequisites: PHYS 374 (Intermediate Theoretical Methods) MATH 241, 246, and 240 (Calculus III, Differential Equations, and Linear Algebra) or, alternatively, MATH 340 and 341 Lectures: Mondays and Wednesdays from 11:00–11:50, and Fridays from 10:00–11:50 (including a break!). All lectures will be in room 0405 of the Physics Building. Class attendance is strongly encouraged, of course, but is not strictly required. I do not attempt to keep records of class attendance. Required textbook: “Classical Mechanics” by John R. Taylor. The ISBN number is 978-1-891389-22-1. We will cover most of the book, but not all sections of every chapter. I will try to remember to be clear about what sections you will be reading and what will be covered on the exams. I have made a complete schedule for the course, but it is subject to change depending on how the course goes. Homework: There will normally be one homework assignment per week to be turned in and graded. Feel free to work on the homework with one or more classmates; however, to ensure that you really do learn the material (and will therefore do well on the exams), please follow this simple rule: do not ever look at another student’s written solution before writing yours. Verbal discussion of how to solve a problem, and sketching together on scratch paper or a blackboard, are fine since they can help you learn
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This note was uploaded on 12/29/2011 for the course PHYSICS 410 taught by Professor Jacobson during the Fall '11 term at Maryland.

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PHYS410s10 - v7 Physics 410: Classical Mechanics Spring...

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