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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 13: Global Climate A world with many climates Climatic classification the Kppen system The global pattern of climate Global Temperatures controls on climate: intensity of sunshine and its variation with latitude distribution of land and water ocean currents prevailing winds location of high and low pressure areas mountain barriers altitude `bending' of isotherms near continents Fig. 13-1, p. 355 Global Precipitation relationship to areas of rising and sinking air influence of ITCZ influence of orographic uplift and rain shadows Precipitation is most abundant where air rises, and least abundant where it sinks. mm/month Fig. 13-2, p. 356 Climatic Classification the Kppen System (1918) Tropical moist climates dry climates moist midlatitude climates with mild winters moist midlatitude climates with severe winters polar climates criticisms of the Kppen climate classification system: sharp boundary between climatic zones due to the use of vegetation to represent monthly temperature and precipitation. Fig. 13-6, p. 361 The Global Pattern of Climate Major features of Earth's climate distribution (moist tropical, dry, moist/mild winter, moist/severe winter, polar, highland) local variations within larger climate regions Tropical Moist Climates tropical wet (Af) tropical monsoon (Am) Tropical Moist Climates tropical wet and dry (Aw) Savanna Dry Climates arid (BW) Dry Climates semiarid (BS) Moist Subtropical MidLatitude Climates humid subtropical (CfA) (west coast) marine (CfB) Moist Subtropical MidLatitude Climates Mediterranean (Cs) coastal Cs interior Cs Moist Climates with Severe Winter Hot summer Dfa Cool summer Dfb Subpolar Dfc Polar Climates Tundra (ET) ice caps (EF) Highland Climates altitude effects are similar to latitude effects ...
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