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Physics 762 Homework #10 Spring ’11 Dr. Drake Assignment due before noon on Monday May 9 1. Start from the linearized 2-D MHD equations for the tearing mode. Use the equations in space and time rather than in k-space. Derive the energy integral written down in class. Hint: You will have to do several integrations by parts. You can assume that the boundaries do not contribute. 2. Calculate the tearing mode stability parameter Δ 0 for a mode with wavevector
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Unformatted text preview: k y in an equilibrium with a current J z ( x ) that consists of a pedestal of half width L , i.e. , the current is constant in the region | x | < L and zero elsewhere and produces a magnetic field B y = B x/L for | x | < L , B y = B for x > L and B y =-B for x <-L . Plot Δ versus k y L . Calculate the marginal stability point. Calculate analytically an expression for Δ in the limit of k y L small....
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